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Design, sales and installation of  LED equipment

Planning and design of the lighting system are only for specialists!



Development of the lighting project

Allows to reduce energy costs and project budget by 20-30%

due to the optimal selection of the type, number and location of lamps.

Determining the optimal location

for the arrangement of lamps

The choice of bulb type,

their power and light flux


Calculation of required

number of lamps


You get a 3D-model of your object indicating the optimal location of the lamps, taking into account all the requirements of illumination.

For visual presentation, we provide you with a gallery with examples of projects of various objects

Some examples of our LED equipment

DSO - diode lighting systems


Power consumption: 30±10%

Световой поток: ---- >3900


Power consumption: 30±10%

Световой поток: ---- >3000


Power consumption: 11±10%

Световой поток: ---- >1250



Energy service


Power consumption: 60±10%

Power consumption: 77±10%

Power consumption: 235±10%

Light flow: ------------ >7800

Light flow: ----------- >15800

Light flow: ------------ >29300


Power consumption: 8±10%

Light flow: ----------- >1020


Power consumption:  120±10%

Light flow: ------------ >15800


Power consumption: 420±10%

Light flow: ------------ >47100

Our company designed lamps of the most reliable components. We used the principle of "smart economy", which allows you to maintain the quality of fixtures at relatively low prices.

6 unique


Of our LED lighting fixtures

Releasing up to 75% capacity

Our fixtures will help to release 50-70% of the capacities previously used for lighting

The average mounting time is 10 minutes

Our luminaires have simple and reliable fasteners, which allows to mount them quickly.

High quality assembly

We produce LED lighting in our own production in Russia

Simple application

Our fixtures turn on instantly and have a glow control

The average payback period is 10 months

The average payback period is 10 months — 4 — 10 mounths


Useful life is more than 60 000 hours

Serviceability is up to 60 000 hours without maintenance
Warranty for the equipment is 5 years

Want to cut energy expenses  up to 50%?


Leave the application and our experts will make a lighting project for you


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Fresh solutions

Any product from the OKB LUCH assortment is an embodiment of reliable innovative LED technologies. Concentrated in the engineering and design ideas of correct and modern lighting.

Know-how production

Innovative technologies and proprietary designs used in the manufacture of lighting and lighting systems that can be trusted, but can be checked. We are confident in our LED technology

Energy saving

Using LED lighting, you can significantly save on electricity consumption, as well as release additional electrical power for development, get material benefits

Fair price

Qualified specialists and latest technologies use allow us, as manufacturers, to achieve the best ratio of price and quality

Office lighting

Street \ Main lights

Industrial lighting

How we work!

01. Application

You leave a request on our website or call us +7 812 950-37-97

02. Project and  all the calculation for the project

Current  illumination level measurement , the amount of payback

03. Project approval

04. Launching  of the equipment

Launch of the models in accordance with the commercial offer

05. Equipment supply and installation

We supply you with LED equipment and, if necessary, install it on the object


You use the best LED equipment

Author's supervision

Want to get a full equipment catalog ?


Leave a request and our specialists will contact you and consult  on all issues and provide a catalog

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Our partners

The results of our work

Our certificates of conformity

Our equipment lightens all corners of Russia

Consult the manager!

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Do you have any questions?

Contact the manager and he will answer all your questions right now